Special Lectures / Invited Lectures
Special / Invited Lectures in the CNT 30th Anniversary Session:
Sumio Iijima (Meijo University)
Discovery of carbon nanotubes
Lian-mao Peng (Peking University)
Carbon Nanotube based high performance CMOS and RF devices operating in terahertz regime
Riichiro Saito (Tohoku University)
30 years of nanotubes with FNTG Society
Shigeo Maruyama (The University of Tokyo.)
Perspective of carbon nanotubes research celebrating the 30th Anniversary
Suguru Noda (Waseda University)
Progresses and future challenges of carbon nanotube production
Takeshi Tanaka (AIST)
Separation of single-wall carbon nanotubes by polysaccharide gels and their applications
Tsuyohiko Fujigaya (Kyusyu University)
Developments of the carbon nanotube applications based on molecular adsorption
Special Lectures:
Takao Sasagawa (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Post/Beyond Graphene: from Topological to 2.5-Dimensional Quantum Materials
Yukiko Yamada-Takamura (JAIST)
Novel two-dimensional materials stabilized on substrates
Masato Sakano (The University of Tokyo)
Direct observation of the layer-number-dependent electronic structure in few-layer WTe2
Christophe Bichara (CNRS and Aix-Marseille University)
Nucleation and growth of SWNTs are driven by the dynamics of their edge
Cedric Huyghebaert (Interuniversity Microelectronics Centre Belgium)
2D Materials : Integration Challenges for Future Electronics
Yuichiro Kato (RIKEN)
Deterministic transfer of optical-quality carbon nanotubes for atomically defined technology
Kaoru Toko (University of Tsukuba)
Layer-exchange synthesis of multilayer graphene for flexible battery anodes
Invited Lectures: