Special Lectures / Invited Lectures
Takahiro Yamamoto (Tokyo University of Science), Kazuhiro Yanagi (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
Special Lectures:
Yoshihiro Iwasa (The University of Tokyo)
Nanomaterials Science for/with Devices
Minoru Osada (Nagoya University)
Emerging Inorganic Nanosheets: From Tailored Synthesis to Electronic/Energy Applications
Shun Muroga (AIST)
What Role Does Data Science Play in Carbon Nanotube Technologies?
Yuta Saito (Tohoku University)
Fabrication of layered tellurides by crystallization of sputter-grown amorphous thin films
Weilu Gao (The University of Utah)
Chiro-optics in Wafer-scale Twist Stacks of Aligned Carbon Nanotubes
Chang Young Lee (UNIST)
Single-molecule analysis using carbon nanotube ion channels
Invited Lectures:
Satoru Ichinokura (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Interface Effect in Superconducting Ca-intercalated Bilayer Graphene on SiC
Koichiro Kato (Kyushu University)
Efficient Search for Stacking Patterns in van der Waals Heterostructures Using Bayesian Optimization
Wim Wenseleers (University of Antwerp)
Diameter-Controlled Stacking of Functional Dye Molecules inside Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes
Ming Xu (Huazhong University of Science and Technology)
Revolutionizing Multifunctional Subaquatic Apparatus via Advanced Structural Engineering of Nanocarbon Materials