Special Lectures / Invited Lectures
Special Lectures:
Shigeki Kawai  (NIMS)
On-surface synthesis of heteroatom substituted and three-dimensional nanographene structures
Keiji Numata  (Kyoto University)
Polymer-coated SWNT hybrids with functional peptides for gene delivery into plant mitochondria
Kaori Hirahara  (Osaka University)
Application of carbon nanotube-based gecko adhesive tapes for aerospace materials science
Hsiang-Lin Liu  (National Taiwan Normal University)
Exploring the deep-ultraviolet vibrational and electronic excitations of monolayer graphene
Reshef Tenne  (Weizmann Institute of Science)
Inorganic nanotubes: From WS2 to "misfit" compounds
Invited Lectures:
Toshiya Ideue  (The University of Tokyo)
Emergent polarization and spontaneous photovoltaic effect in van der Waals heterointerfaces
Yui Ogawa  (NTT Basic Research Laboratories)
Real-time ultraviolet optical imaging of CVD growth of graphene
Toshiaki Kato  (Tohoku University)
Growth mechanism of transition metal dichalcogenides revealed by in-situ monitoring CVD
Tomohiro Shiraki  (Kyushu University)
Locally functionalized single-walled carbon nanotubes ~Molecularly engineered near infrared photoluminescent nanomaterials~
Yasutomo Segawa  (Institute for Molecular Science)
Synthesis of topologically unique molecular nanocarbons
Eri Hirata  (Hokkaido University)
Application of Nanocarbons as Biomaterials for Bone Regeneration
Mahito Yamamoto  (Kansai University)
Oxidation-engineering of 2D semiconductors